About us?

Proyurbin SAC, is a Peruvian company that since 2012 has been offering the concept of Industrial Warehouse in the market. Being the pioneers in offering a property through the "turnkey" formula, which has been materialized in 10 projects delivered on time.

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Proyurbin entrega nave industrial o almacén a empresario

vista de complejo industrial de proyurbin en lurin


Proyurbin SAC, is reflected in 10 projects - industrial ships - delivered to different areas, among which are the agroindustrial, pharmacological, electrical industry, pharma-veterinary, international transport, additives, condiments, cleaning and industrial services, technology, surgical materials and feeding.

Our Mission

Offer solutions through the construction of industrial warehouses created by professionals focused on excellence.


To be leaders at the national level in the construction of Industrial Ships, helping significantly the development of Peru.


In Proyurbin SAC, we assume as commitment to offer more than what our customers expect to contribute significantly to their growth. That is why we foster a corporate culture based on the following benefits:

  • Quality: We offer a service that fully meets the needs of each of our customers.
  • Confidence: We provide security, tranquility and professionalism through our personalized service.
  • Modernity: We promote constant changes through our avant-garde buildings.
  • Development: We generate significant progress in the companies that trust us.
  • Success: We guarantee on time delivery of each of our projects, thus achieving to offer you the new present and future of your company.

fotografia de nave industrial climatizada

What distinguishes us?

They are the beliefs that we consider true.

  • Respect: Try a harmonious coexistence. In Proyurbin we offer each member of our team the care of integrity in a mutual way.
  • Responsibility: Obeys ethical and moral issues. At Proyurbin we commit ourselves with our team and clients to act correctly.
  • Commitment: It is the action materialized in facts. At Proyurbin we fulfill each of the objectives established with our clients.